3D Computer Tomography

DENTestetica Radiation Laboratory offers our patients access to the highest quality three-dimensional X-ray studies of the teeth, facial bones and paranasal sinuses.

  • The highest quality 3D projection with minimal radiation dose
  • The ability to obtain cross-sections in all 3 planes and of 3D visualization
  • Examination of the teeth, jaw bones and paranasal sinuses
  • The ability to scan a single tooth at the highest resolution (micro tomography) - particularly useful for complex endodontic treatment
  • 3D Simulation of implant treatment, guided bone regeneration, and the course of vital structures (nerves, blood vessels)
  • Special software for scanning children

Our clinic is equipped with the 3D CBCT - Cone Beam Computer Tomography GXDP-700S, American Gendex. This device is specially designed for use in dental clinics and has an integrated dual sensor for digital images and tomography and pantomography. This is called a cone beam CT, which ensures that the radiation dose given to the patient is extremely limited. Furthermore, the three-dimensional images are generated by a camera of the highest quality. This device has the unique ability to scan fragmentary individual teeth using a very high resolution, which allows, for example, diagnosis of endodontically treated teeth (root canal). The micro tomography examination, performed in our unit, allows us to see all anatomical anomalies, complications after endodontic treatment (broken instruments, perforations, closed cavities) and mechanical injuries. Dentists have access to a non-invasive diagnostic method of treating a tooth in a section on all three planes and its 3D reconstruction. Tomographic studies are used in modern, advanced endodontic and implant procedures as well as steered bone regeneration.

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