Free consultation

DENTestetica offers all patients a free examination and specialist consultation executed by our team of experienced dental surgeons. During the appointment dentists will perform an intraoral examination, analyze the digital X-Ray pictures, create plaster cast diagnostic models of teeth and prepare a detailed treatment plan including a thorough description of all planned procedures, estimated time and detailed financial calculation.

Special services

The staff at DENTestetica work constantly to suit our patients' needs within the allocated time. As part of our service there is an opportunity for our patients to stay in new, especially prepared apartments just opposite the clinic. DENTestetica cooperates with 4 of the best dental laboratories in Cracow to ensure a shorter waiting time for dental appliances and also to make us independent of the holidays and technical breaks which can occur. We understand how valuable time is for our patients and this is why we can offer a flexible schedule regarding appointments (including the weekend) as well as special additional free services to make dental treatment at DENTestetica even easier:

  1. Arrangement of accommodation according to patients' expectations
  2. Pick up service at the airport by English-speaking driver
  3. 24/7 English-speaking Emergency Help Line
  4. Mobile phone with a Polish SIM card
  5. The services of an English-speaking representative throughout the patients stay at the clinic - ready and willing to help with any problem (flights, transport within Cracow, sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, night life, culture or sport events)
  6. Welcome pack (city map, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss etc.)

Included free of charge for DENTestetica patients during their stay in Cracow

  1. Examination and specialist consultation executed by our team of experienced dental surgeons
  2. Detailed treatment plan including a thorough description of all planned procedures, estimated time and detailed financial calculation
  3. Plaster cast diagnostic models of teeth
  4. Panoramic X-ray
  5. Digital X-ray of one tooth
  6. Digital intraoral X-ray
  7. Local anaesthesia
  8. Pre-surgery medicines (antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, tranquillizers)
  9. Removal of surgical sutures
  10. Surgical template before implantation
  11. Pick up service at the airport by English-speaking driver
  12. Welcome pack (toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, dental floss, sugar-free chewing- gum, map of Cracow, ICE card - In Case of Emergency - with contact details for the 24h Emergency Help Line, flyers containing information regarding treatments at our clinic)
  13. Mobile phone for the duration of your stay in Cracow with a Polish SIM card for making phone calls in Poland and for contacting our office
  14. In case of any unexpected event e.g., getting lost in the city, the 24h Emergency Help Line is operated in English
  15. Post-procedure pack for patients who have received implantations, including: special toothbrush, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory liquids and gels
  16. Reception service at the clinic including: coffee, tea, cold drinks, access to the Internet, stationary computer with printer, X-Box console with games, magazines etc.

Exemplary work schedule

DENTestetica clinic is equipped with the latest devices, designed to shorten the treatment time and reduce postoperative complaints (CBCT - Cone Beam Computer Tomography, VarioSurg NSK - ultrasound surgical cutting unit, LAS-KIT and CAS-KIT Osstem - minimal intervention sinus lift systems). Due to that, and the fact we cooperate with 4 independent dental laboratories, we are able to guaranteethe shortest technically possible timelines for new crowns, bridges or dentures:

  • Implants - 3-4 days
  • Bone augmentation - 5 days
  • Dentures - 5 days
  • Crowns / bridges - 4 days
  • Root canal treatment - 1 day
  • Conservative treatment - 1 day
  • Teeth hygienization and whitening - 1 hour

Why go to DENTestetica for dental treatment?

DENTestetica clinic has been established for the purpose of providing our patients with the highest level of dental treatment at a reasonable price. Thanks to the experience and skills of our staff, combined with modern facilities and medical procedures focused on patients' comfort and satisfaction, we can offer stress-free dental treatment.

  • Treatment procedures focus on the elimination of stress and pain (computer anaesthesia, conscious sedation, nitrous oxide sedation)
  • Highly-qualified team of specialists
  • Modern equipment and top aesthetic materials
  • Vast range of dental services
  • In-house digital 3D computer tomography X-Ray diagnostic office
  • Fully-equipped surgery for general sedation
  • Special services for travelling, sightseeing and entertainment
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Clear rules of treatment
  • Guarantee


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