A very friendly environment. :-). Professional, caring and absolutely customer-friendly. I'll be back in a few months. Krakow old-town is also really worth a visit!

Roy Arild (Norway), age group: 55 years and above


Me and my partner went down to Krakow to see about our teeth.  We were met at the airport and driven straight to the clinic. X-ray and consultation were done and we got the treatment plan, accepted it and started treatment immediately. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. Excellent dentistry. Dentists have compassion for you when you lie there for hours. All in all, I am very satisfied and recommend them to anyone considering going abroad. :)

Helena (Norway), age group: 35-44


As a patient you will get a detailed treatment description with prices, meet professional dentists, top equipment and friendly staff. And an efficient laboratory provides "new teeth" in the due time!

Magnar (Norway), age group: 55 years and above


Very, very modern surgery in a lovely city. The people at Dentestetica are wonderful, very caring and excellent at their work. I was treated with kindness and care throughout my treatment. I am from a generation that has a real fear of dentists, but thanks to all the people at this fabulous longer !!! I am more than satisfied with my treatment, had no pain and would gladly recommend this clinic to anyone. Thank you to all the medical staff and the girls at reception. Try them......the worst that can happen is that you will get a welcome.

Terry (UK), age group: 55 years and above


I was impressed with all aspects of the surgery. I was most impressed with the competency of the workers and the equipment available. I can recommend this institution for anyone with similar teeth issues.

Erling Marius Iversen (Norway), age group: 55 years and above


I was here just after Easter, and had my old amalgam fillings taken out and replaced with new porcelain fillings. I have been here once before and I was impressed with the professionalism of the dentist. Much better than back home in Norway. You feel welcome as soon as you arrive and for the whole time you are there. Excellent service.

Magne (Norway), age group: 35-44


This is very professional set-up. I was impressed as soon as I met the reception staff and more so as I was introduced to other members of the team. My clinical and radiological assessment was extremely thorough and the treatment protocol was carefully explained. I underwent surgery later in the day and had 5 implants performed painlessly under local anaesthetic. I returned to the UK 48hrs later and progressed well. There have been no complications in the immediate post operative period. I would add that I am a recently retired Consultant Surgeon in the UK.

F (UK), age group: 55 years and above


The first impression of the clinic convinced me that everything was very clean and proper. My wife and i were very good taken care of from the beginning. In very short time the specialists had made a treatmentplan for us and everything went on very effectively. Another visit is necessary to complete the planned treatment. The final result is therefore a bit difficult to say. I will answer the first line rating according to this fact. However, i can't believe anything else than final satisfaction.

Mortimer (Norway), age group: 55 years and above


Some three years ago, I had a badly infected tooth. I have invariably had the “Marathon Man” experience with UK and USA dentists so I was not looking forward to more of Laurence Olivier asking me : “Is it safe? Does it hurt?” as he worked away. Since I was visiting Krakow for a few days, I thought - I hoped - that - just maybe - a Polish dentist could be better. In this way, I searched the internet - just as you are searching - and consulted Dr Gonczowski and his colleagues. And I discovered that computer controlled anesthesia existed : the machine system which measures pressure and resistance as the anesthetic is delivered and adjusts the dose to ensure that anesthesia is delivered effectively. I mean - effectively... Put simply - if you have dense bone then the anesthetic uid in that (hand held) syringe will tend to sluice back - and be ineffective. Hence my problem of pain....and nobody before Dr Gonczowski had ever addressed this. It will put things in context if I say that I have returned for other treatment, such as Dr Gonczowski undertaking six upper front root canal treatments - in one session.... I have had teeth crowned, an implant (with Dr Ayman), and old mercury amalgam llings (which all leak in the end so as to allow infection under the lling) replaced: in a situation where I have received effective anesthesia and no longer dreaded seeing a dentist. None of my treatment has been expensive. There is plain pricing set out on the Clinic website. Have you experienced “opaque” pricing by dentists in your home country? That is simply not a problem you will experience in this Clinic. Last month I persuaded - actually almost dragged - a family friend to the Clinic. This is someone who has a complete and utter terror of dentists. I want to think that it was my power of persuasion : but it was more probably the pain of a number of rotten and infected teeth : well disguised with a diet of soup and pasta and heavy painkillers. This visit started as a routine examination and X-ray as one would expect. But once the true situation was apparent, Dr Gonczowski arranged treatment for the following day on the basis of surgical emergency. The following day, sedo analgesia was put in place, and (schedule rearranged) he undertook multiple surgical extractions on someone who would normally have run from the room. And my review is written to pay tribute - here - to swift, decisive and effective help when you - the patient - needs it. So if you feel like running from the room, please have a look at the website detail on sedoanalgesia: as I can bear witness to what a difference it makes for anyone in absolute fear of the dentist. As for my friend, this is of course a rst stage. There is more to do : crowns, bridgework and eventually implants. But we have made a start - that is the vital thing. So if you have lived - or are living - in fear of dentists, I can only urge you to have the courage to arrange treatment at this Clinic. You could - after all - always walk away through the door, and still have enjoyed a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and beyond. However, having gone to Krakow, I hope you wonʼt walk away, and will instead nd a level of excellence in pain control and affordable treatment which will transform your life in terms of dental care.

Kieran May (UK), age group: 55 years and above


I've always enjoyed travelling so when a friend suggested going to Cracow for a week, I thought, why not? Unfortunately, three weeks before our holiday I started getting terrible toothache. I was able to get a consultation the week after, I needed root canal treatment on one tooth, but my dentist had no time on his schedule to treat me for a couple of weeks. As I didn't want to be in pain on my holiday I started looking for alternatives. Every dentist I contacted was either too expensive or had no available appointments. Then I wondered if I could combine my holiday with my treatment. I found Dentestetica on the internet, the price was right so I contacted the clinic. My friend and I landed in Cracow and were picked up by an English-speaking driver who took us to our hotel and then to the clinic. We were so impressed with the clinic and the staff, they went out of their way to make us feel welcome. My first appointment went very well, everything was explained to me in detail, treatment, breakdown of costs and so on. The treatment itself was done professionally and I got a perfectly-matched crown, which looks incredibly natural. All in all we had a wonderful holiday, and my treatment didn't interfere with our holiday. Cracow is a beautiful city, and we will certainly return in the future.

Michelle Roberts (UK) Age group: 35-45


I'm very happy with the treatment I got recently at Dentestetica. I needed a bridge on the left side quite near the front. I work as a sales rep and I meet people every day so it can be a bit embarrassing when I talk. Money's tight at the moment so I couldn't afford the treatment I needed. Somebody at work suggested looking abroad and I'm glad I did. The staff at Dentestetica were fantastic and I got a bridge with 3 crowns for a fraction of the price. Cracow is a great city, not at all  like I imagined it to be.

Tom Clark (UK) Age group: 45-55


I can only say thank you very much to all the people at DENtestetica in Krakow! They did a fantastic work and were absolute fantastic, nice and helpful during my 2 stays in July and December :))))

Styggemann(Norway) Age group: 35-44


Fantastic people, fantastic clinic.

Arne (Norway) Age group: 45-55


I'm a student in my last year of studying drama and I know how important it is to look good. I had a few problems with my teeth in the past after a sports injury and I'd been dreaming about getting veneers for my front teeth, which I felt quite embarrassed about. I did some research but it was just too expensive. I work part-time in a restaurant and I was telling my friend Kasia about my problem. She told me that medical tourism is becoming popular in Poland. After our shift we searched the internet and found Dentestetica, a new, modern clinic with really good prices. Kasia comes from Cracow and had told me all about the city so that helped me to make up my mind. We got in touch with the clinic then I arranged cheap flights and a cheap hostel for two nights. I was really excited about visiting Cracow, but sad that Kasia couldn't get time off from work. I was picked up by an English-speaking driver, which made me feel like I was already famous. Then he drove me to the clinic for my first appointment. The staff on reception were really friendly and they gave me a welcome pack which had everything in it as well as a mobile phone. I met the dentist, who told me all about my treatment and then the driver took me to the hostel. I spent an amazing evening walking around Cracow. The next morning I had my treatment. My dentist was really nice and I didn't feel at all scared. After, I went sightseeing. I must have taken 100s of photos! I really enjoyed my visit to Cracow and now I can't stop smiling!

Lucy Osborne (UK) Age group: 15-25


This is my second visit to the clinic, which has a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. It's almost like going to visit close friends. You are welcomed by two women who do their best to ensure that your visit will be positive and relaxed. If you arrive a bit early for treatment, you are offered coffee or tea while you wait. Everyone at the clinic welcomes you with a warm smile, and there is no stress. It is you who decides the pace of the treatment. If you need a break, you get it. However, treatment takes place at the agreed time and you should be there before your appointment. The clinic has the best and latest equipment that can be obtained. The treatment is quick, efficient and painless, but for the highest quality  crowns or bridges it can take longer. It may be wise to consult with the clinic regarding the duration of the treatment if there is major work to be done. Calculate for an extra day because it is better to have too much time rather than too little as the clinic wants to achieve the best results. Do you have dental fear or other physical / psychological problems? The clinic offers general anesthetic, where you are awake during the treatment, and there are no after effects or discomfort. I should know, I've used it. After taking the anesthetic, and with the confidence I have in the clinic staff, this is the first time I've put myself in a dentist's chair with a smile on my face. I received two implants. It was a painless operation and I did not need analgesics after surgery. I am very happy with the treatment and the final result.

Jan Tore (Norway), Age group: 55 years and above


I am very satisfied with the treatment inDENTestetica. Good service and nice people. Professional treatment with high standards and favorable prices.

Egil Svensen (Norway), Age group: 55 years and above


I've always been scared of dentists ever since I had a tooth pulled at the age of 14. I've tried to take good care of my teeth so I wouldn't need to go to the dentist, and I've been pretty successful in the last few years. Recently though, I started getting really bad toothache, and it brought back all my fears. My sister's a nurse and she was telling me that dentistry has changed a lot in the past few years and that it's possible to get pain-free injections so I started looking into it and I was pleasantly surprised. Not all of the clinics I contacted had the special equipment needed for pain-free injections so I started asking friends and colleagues at work if they could recommend a dentist. Luckily, I found a girl from the marketing department who told me about her experience at a clinic in Cracow. She was very positive about the professionalism of the dentists and the other staff and she told me to check out their website. I must admit I was very impressed with their range of personalised services so I decided to give it a go. Dentestetica asked me to send an x-ray and any other information by email. Then it was time to book my flights. The clinic arranged my accommodation, a flat directly opposite the clinic, and I was met at the airport by a driver who spoke English. I was very nervous, but I was put immediately at ease by the staff, who were friendly, polite and very helpful They told me if I felt nervous or I needed help with anything I could speak to somebody from the UK who lives in Cracow. My first meeting with the dentist went much better than I thought it would. My treatment plan was very comprehensive and I started to relax and feel more comfortable. The pain-free injection was actually pain-free and although I still have some fear when it comes to dentists, I now know that I can overcome my fears gradually. Cracow is an amazing city and I plan to go back for a proper holiday.

Susan Watson (UK), Age group: 25-35


This is an amazing clinic where you get all the help you need from professional people in a modern clinic at an affordable price. For the best service come to Krakow and you will want to go back. Will definitely return here again :-)

B-T Andersen (Norway), Age group: 45-55


I am very happy, satisfied and also surprised. A friend of mine recommended this clinic to me as he had already been there in the summer and was very happy with the result. Very professional doctors and nice friendly staff made me feel very safe and comfortable. The treatment was very good, and I am very satisfied with the result. In Norway I guess it would take one year to do everything and cost at least twice as much. In Krakow the treatment lasted for 10 intensive days, but the result was excellent and it was absolutely worth it. A very satisfied Norwegian Viking that can both smile and eat again :-)))

Happy Norwegian (Norway), Age group: 35-45


A few months ago I came off my bike and broke my jaw, cracked a few teeth and had to have one tooth removed. After my jaw healed I started thinking about getting an implant for the missing tooth. My dentist quoted a huge amount so I decided to go somewhere else. I looked on the internet and noticed that some clinics abroad were much cheaper. After working out my finances I chose Dentestetica in Cracow. It was the best decision I could have made. The staff were fantastic, the equipment was amazing - really modern and high-tech. The treatment was top class. I got to see quite a bit of Cracow too, the old town, the castle and I went for a trip to the salt mines - absolutely incredible. I recommend Dentestetica for dental treatment and Cracow for a holiday.    

John Cornwell (UK), Age group: 25-35


Dear Chris. I have forgotten to thank you for your hospitality when Dot and I visited you for a consultation. We were most impressed with your equipment and efficiency and will be considering future treatment when we find a moment to decide on your findings. Many thanks

Peter Byatt, (UK)




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