Treatment without pain

A visit to the dentist is often associated with stress and fear of pain. This is one of the major problems reported by patients which can result in resignation from treatment already begun. In practice, the vast majority of patients who have experienced traumatic dental treatments could have received completely painless treatments, providing that the appropriate medications, special methods of administration and modern equipment had been used.

The key is appropriate knowledge and many years of medical practice. Today, there are many different methods of eliminating pain and stress during dental treatment. The doctor has at his disposal a new generation of local anaesthetics, new computer-controlled devices for drug delivery (no need for traditional syringes), oral sedation by sedatives, sedation or inhalation sedation with nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), and sedoanalgesia - the delivery of sedatives and loosening drugs by intravenous administration. Finally, specifically matched anti-inflammatory/analgesic drugs can be used to eliminate potential pain following treatment (especially after major surgery).

In our clinic we provide our patients with all the currently known methods of atraumatic and comfortably performed dental procedures - without fear and pain.

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